The Chinese Research and Translations

of Professor William Dolby

We are a small bookshop based in Dundee, Scotland, dealing with the publications, translations and research of the late Dr William Dolby (Bill), Sinologist, and researcher, former lecturer and professor of classical Chinese at the University of Edinburgh, and a world renowned expert on Medieval Chinese literature, drama and theatre.

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We aim, through kind donation and effort, to republish an immense 50-years-in-the-making collection of various translations and research into past and ancient China and Chinese; the language, customs, drama, theatre and the life; work that has to-date remained obscured inaccessible to others. The work is captured in thirty-three seperate and very individual books titled the 'Chinese Culture Series'.

During 2016 we successfully managed to republish five of those works:


No.4 -  Chinese Short Stories - Spanning 2000 Years
No.18 - Chinese Folk Tales
No.27 - Chinese Myths
No.28 - Chinese Allusions -  A Dictionary
No.29 - Lasting-life Palace-hall (Hong Sheng) (parts 1 and 2)


The republication involves large-scale edit of some mashed-up and prehistoric word documents, all with need for Chinese character reinsertion (all lost) and a serious edit for presentation purposes.

To purchase the current five 'fruits of our labours', as published by 'Straightback Publishing', please use an online store such as AMAZON, Createspace, Barnes and Noble, etc.

The remaining 29 Volumes (and other works, inc: A History of Chinese Drama 1976 (note, we have amazingly stumbled across an edit dated 1997)) are currently available for purchase in their original self-published paperback format (mostly 2002 - 2010) from our website here and until we run out of stock.

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