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Biography of Li Bai by Song Qi

Simiarly to the Ghost regirster, Bill translated and introduced this fanastic work during his time in Hong Kong (1960's).

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Preface to Ghost Register by Zhong Sicheng

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Introduced and Translated by William Dolby

  • Originally published in 'Renditions' the Chinese-English Translation Magazine of the Research Centre for Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Date of original publication unknown: perhaps around early 1960's when Bill wo…

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New Website, new works and progress at

Dear All

We sincerely hope that all are well during these unusual and difficult times.

As you will notice, we have a new website. The last website was getting harder to maintain (software and updated programs making navigation nearly impossible). Lockdown and enforced isolation (without such t…

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10. Sir Old (Lao-tzu) the Chinese classic of Taoism

Newly Published

No.10 - Sir Old (Lao-tzu) the Chinese classic of Taoism (Published - May 2019)


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Continuation of the Translation of works by William Dolby

It has been at least two years since an update was made to this site, and indeed since any meaningful edit or republication was made to Bill's works. This has been unfortunate: mostly due to my working in Hong Kong (day job) and a lack of funds to continue our mission to republish my father's entire…

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Kindle and Print Publications

We are now well into the New Year of 2017 and heading directly towards another, the Year of the Rooster or often translated/known as the year of the Red Chicken or Red Fire Chicken. The 10th sign, the Rooster, is connected to metal and the shine of gold suggesting that riches may be born from patien…

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An article, based on an interveiw of William Dolby by a Chinese Scholar

This link was kindly provided to me; an article based on a past interview of Bill by a Chinese scholar. We will hope to have this translated into English soon.

Please view here.

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An revised 1997 version of 'A History of Chinese Drama' found

Whilst trawling through what amounts to over 95,000 files (admittedly some appear to be duplicates) I came across one titled 'adapthistheatre'. Now it took me some time to realise that this was indeed an edited and refurbished edition of Bill's well known 'A History of Chinese Drama.

Upon reading …

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Print Publication of Lasting-life Palace-hall by Hong Sheng (1654-1704)

I am pleased to say, after burnīng the midnight oil, that we have managed to publish our first print publication. This is of course 'Lasting-life Palace-hall' by Hung Sheng (1654-1704) as translated, introduced and explained by William Dolby.

This wonderful play, also known as 'Palace of Eternal L…

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No29: Lasting-life Palace-hall by Hung Sheng (1654-1704)

At last, a mountain has been climbed. Perhaps it was only a hill but never-the-less we have finally finished editing a further volume. A translation of an immense play:

No29: Lasting-life Palace-hall by Hung Sheng (1654-1704)

The edit of this amazing work has taken some time to complete but despit…

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Little Sister Reed and a Bibliography of Chinese Metaphors

As we work through the various discs and files my wife and I are continually amazed at what we come across. The reach of Bill's work was immense - not sure where/when/how he had the time to research and write it all down.

Anyway, as we have said before, if any researcher is interested in looking at…

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Update on our progress, Easter 2016

Unfortunately, we have  been making slow progress, far slower than we envisaged.

We had chosen last year, after rapidly transforming two of Bill's dictionairies (No27 Myths and and No28 Allusions) into Ebooks, that a play would be suitable addition to the offerings. In December 2015 we opted to wo…

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An anecdotal tribute from an ex-PHD Student

Over the last year we have received an amazing number of tributes to Bill, his career and friendship but this one, received only recently from a PHD student at Edinburgh University, hit the ‘nail on the head’ for drawing the perfect picture.

"My favourite anecdote comes from a conference I at…

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Merry Christmas and potential book donations to libraries in Hong Kong and China

Our immense thanks go out to Ms Wang, Liyun who has pointed us in the direction of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library and the National Library of China, both worthwhile recipients for the remaining print books that we have to donate.

Liyun is a Chinese Scholar at the Chinese Academy of S…

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Enormous Research into all Aspects of Classical Chinese

We have recently returned to working through the various files that Bill amassed. Now we have only just begun but what is immediately notable is the a veritable mountain of research he undertook - external to his 'Chinese Culture Series'.

Even by files names alone the extent is unimaginable: c…

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Book Donations to Libraries and Funding Progress

A slight lull has been in had in funding progress, partly due to my attention wavering towards other projects than the fact that universities are out and until the new year starts in September.

However, we have now successfully shipped donations of nearly all 33 works to the SOAS, Washington Univ…

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Update on Book Donations and out-of-print volumes

This last week has seen a sudden rush of books flying out of the door - donated and now shipped to the university libraries of Washington, Oxford, Edinburgh, Leeds, SOAS and to the RSC. I am beginning to know the courier driver on first name terms.

However, with the donation of books we are s…

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Progress of the Funding Campaign

Today, the funding campaign to create eBooks of the 33 volumes of the Chinese Culture Series, has had a positive boost. Two very kind donors have donated to the fund and slowly but surely the mountain is being scaled. One rock at a time.

Currently we have reached 360 pounds of the 20,000 Pound …

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Donation of Chinese Culture Series to University Libraries

In order to ensure the widest spread of Bill's works we are donating what we have available of the Chinese Culture Series to various Libraries. This is our attempt to take the books to where they belong - to the students themselves.

We have currently donated many works to the SOAS, University of…

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Bills Past Students and Friends

Since my father passed away and my desire to have all that he created out in the open I have been in touch with many of his past students, those that he taught and later those that he became lifelong friends with.

It is interesting to learn where many of his students have headed, for example Be…

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