An anecdotal tribute from a PHD Student

Over the last year we have received an amazing number of tributes to Bill, his career and friendship but this one, received only recently from a PHD student at Edinburgh University, hit the ‘nail on the head’ for drawing the perfect picture.


"My favourite anecdote comes from a conference I attended outside the UK, where I mentioned to a group of American scholars interested in the arcana of Yuan Dynasty theatre (not my field at all) that I knew someone dabbling in this field as well, who happened to be with us at Edinburgh, chap called William Dolby; there was jaw-slacking amazement, as they had assumed no such man existed. As he was never seen on conferences, and as his output spanned such a wide field, they had assumed it was a group of scholars colliding in publishing articles in obscure magazines under the pseudonym William Dolby."

        a PHD Student at Edinburgh University 

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