No29: Lasting-life Palace-hall by Hung Sheng (1654-1704)

At last, a mountain has been climbed. Perhaps it was only a hill but never-the-less we have finally finished editing a further volume. A translation of an immense play:

No29: Lasting-life Palace-hall by Hung Sheng (1654-1704)

The edit of this amazing work has taken some time to complete but despite our limited resources, kids screaming and spare time only, my wife and I have managed to create a single PDF file that contains Bill's full translation, his original introduction and copious footnotes and some further mini-translations and poems that tie into the play's intro.

We note the various English titles used for other trasnslations of this particular play: Bill initially titled his translation "Abiding-life .." rather then "Lasting-life .." . However, we feel that his translation will only add to the choice and scope available and thus we leave the title as he saw fit to work.

We hope this work finds value in the outside world. Certainly, now that it is in presentable condition we would be grateful for any comments or advice on how to find a mainstream publisher for it. We would even welcome your thoughts on a qualified foreword for the Play, as entered into by one of Bill's peers perhaps?

This PDF file will shortly be made available for FREE to all kind donors. 

Next up? Christmas I say! So we will see in January what volume will be next for us to work. Also, I'm not sure about everyone else but I am still a fan of paper books - contrary to popular belief 'real' books are not about to dissapear from the planet. Therefore, I also intend to turn this latest work in to a Print-on-Demand edition (perhaps two volumes due to it's size) and I will provide an update again when it becomes available (and where).

Have a lovely Christmas.

Ieuan and Chin Ling