Little Sister Reed and a Bibliography of Chinese Metaphors

As we work through the various discs and files my wife and I are continually amazed at what we come across. The reach of Bill's work was immense - not sure where/when/how he had the time to research and write it all down.

Anyway, as we have said before, if any researcher is interested in looking at what we have, or indeed anyone would like any particular topic to be located, then please do let us know.

Much of the work we have found requires charachter insertion but below are two works that might be of interest to some:

1. Bibliography of Chinese Metaphors

2. Little Sister Reed, A Heilungkiang folk-story - translated by William Dolby, date unknown

For both of these works the date of translation/compilation/research is unknown but I would suggest around 2000 - 2005. Please feel free to download them and use them freely.

Plenty more where they came from.