Print Publication of Lasting-life Palace-hall by Hong Sheng (1654-1704)

I am pleased to say, after burn─źng the midnight oil, that we have managed to publish our first print publication. This is of course 'Lasting-life Palace-hall' by Hung Sheng (1654-1704) as translated, introduced and explained by William Dolby.

This wonderful play, also known as 'Palace of Eternal Life (Youth)' or 'Abiding-life Palace-hall' was written by Hung Sheng, commonly known as Hong Sheng. This particular translation is possibly Bill's largest work (No29 of his 'Chinese Culture Series') and so we have spilt the print version into two paperback volumes. The first volume contains Bill's original Introduction and Translation, and the second volume contains his numerous appendices and explanations.

The book has been published as 'print on demand' and is available to purchase through Amazon. Some common locations follow:

Volume One, Lasting-life Palace-hall, The Translated Play - at Amazon UK or USA

Volume Two, Lasting-life Palace-hall, Appendices and Endnotes - at Amazon UK or USA

We will also maintain a small stock for those who cannot access Amazon - so please do feel free to contact us to order a copy direct.

We hope you enjoy this amazing play.

The digital version is also available here as one single publicatíon.




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