Continuation of the Translation of works by William Dolby

It has been at least two years since an update was made to this site, and indeed since any meaningful edit or republication was made to Bill's works. This has been unfortunate: mostly due to my working in Hong Kong (day job) and a lack of funds to continue our mission to republish my father's entire output.

However, my wife and I are pleased to inform that we are continuing our good work, although at a slower pace. Among Bill's files I recently found a work titled "Prehistory of China" which makes for interesting reading and we are working on a couple of the Culture Series volumes to get them into print / kindle. Also, having now located the revised edition of "A History of Chinese Drama" 1997, we will look to producing this as a Kindle version as soon as possible.

All republished works are now available on Amazon - through their 'print-on-demand' service or on Kindle.

A list of currently available republished titles on Amazon are: 

No.4 - Chinese Short Stories - Spanning 2000 Years

No.7 - Ma Chih-yüan's Complete San-ch’ü-aria Poems

No.18 - Chinese Folk Tales

No.27 - Chinese Myths

No.28 - Chinese Allusions - A Dictionary

No.29 - Lasting-life Palace-hall (Hong Sheng) (parts 1 and 2)

No.32 - Chinese Idioms, Proverbs and Sayings - Over 2000 Explanations

Also, the other titles of the culture series are mostly available on Amazon or please do contact us here to see if we have any remaining copies in stock.

Ieuan Dolby