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(千里之行,始于足下 - A thousand-li journey is started by taking the first step)

I am very pleased to say that we have made great inroads into two works and would hope to have them out and about shortly.

We chose to start with two dictionary/list works rather than a pure translation; this to give us a chance to get into the way Bill wrote and to create digital form in repetitive manner. What we have found, in nearly all the recovered files, is a loss of the Chinese characters and irreconcilable format issues. Therefore our main emphasis is to retype these works and to enter the characters as we go. In other words we are playing with what we have to create a finished product.

Thanks indeed to my dear wife, Chin Ling who is persevering with the character entry whilst I concentrate on the layout and design.

Chinese Myths, No27 and Chinese Allusions, No28 will be finished soon and in PDF format.

At this time we are unsure if we can make actual epub or kindle publications from the finished works (we will finish the PDF's first) but the forward concern is that the work will not flow (page-to-page) correctly on so many different reader screens - and perhaps PDF's are indeed all that are required for us to be able to share these works.

Comments are welcome on the above and any aspect of the whole process.

Ieuan Dolby

We have recently returned to working through the various files that Bill amassed. Now we have only just begun but what is immediately notable is the a veritable mountain of research he undertook - external to his 'Chinese Culture Series'.

Even by files names alone the extent is unimaginable: chariots, animals, calligraphy, horses, costume, history, emperors, dance, and so much more.

Most of this research is unlikely to reach the light of day without funding but certainly, should any researcher, student, interested party, like to know what Bill held on a particular subject then you are very welcome to contact us.

There is no guarantee that we will find anything but based upon the tall mountain every rock lifted will be a surprise.

You will never know unless you ask!

A slight lull has been in had in funding progress, partly due to my attention wavering towards other projects than the fact that universities are out and until the new year starts in September.

However, we have now successfully shipped donations of nearly all 33 works to the SOAS, Washington University Library, Oxford, Edinburgh, Leeds and even to the Royal Shakespeare Society. Cambridge University are also requesting a full set but the person in-charge is still sunbathing in the Algarve, I hear.

This is indeed great news (the donations I mean not the sunbathing bit) and I hope that with these books on their shelves more students will be able to share in Bill's wonderful output.

I have also contacted various other institutes/organisations with hope to donate further works to them and I am looking for further funding options to promote the Chinese Culture Series, at home and abroad (thanks to Carolyn Boynes for the heads-up on certain avenues that might bear fruit). I will keep you updated on progress of these further efforts but more-often that not our emails end up in the spam box which drags out and delays positive dialogue.

Finally, due to the sudden rush of donations we are now out of print of four volumes of works but certainly, with a little impetus, during the month of September I will work flat out on the first volume, No28 and digitise this with another one following soon afterwards.

All who have donated to the fund will of course receive their free copies of the completed digitised version and as we go forwards I will ensure that they also receive the rest.

Thanks again for helping us with this worthwhile cause and in keeping an enormous legacy alive: without which it will end up languishing and forgotten about. Discussed 'yes' but only in the past tense,

Ieuan Dolby

This last week has seen a sudden rush of books flying out of the door - donated and now shipped to the university libraries of Washington, Oxford, Edinburgh, Leeds, SOAS and to the RSC. I am beginning to know the courier driver on first name terms.

However, with the donation of books we are starting to see more volumes out-of-print. These are:

No33: Anthology of Chinese non-drama aria-poems (VOLUME TWO)

No30: Chinese non-drama aria-poems, an anthology (VOLUME ONE) 

No28: Chinese Allusions: a short dictionary

No27: Chinese Myths

The pressure is therefore on, to get cracking on the digitisation process - yikes. I am hesitant to put my mind to this immense task, a start that would overtake my own personal projects and for which the money is not there yet.

Lets see. Hopefully, a benevolent benefactor will barge-in at the last moment, one who recognises the importance of preserving these works.