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In order to ensure the widest spread of Bill's works we are donating what we have available of the Chinese Culture Series to various Libraries. This is our attempt to take the books to where they belong - to the students themselves.

We have currently donated many works to the SOAS, University of London Library, to Edinburgh University Library, Leeds Brotherton Library and in-hand to do so at Oxford. The Royal Shakespeare Society have also taken one of every volume available and we are now in-touch with the Cambridge and Washing Universities.

Should any other university library or association wish to have some or all of the series then please do get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. The various volumes for donation can be found at but we can only give what we have. e.g. No28, Chinese Allusions is no longer available in print with others reaching the single digit numbers.


Ieuan Dolby

Since my father passed away and my desire to have all that he created out in the open I have been in touch with many of his past students, those that he taught and later those that he became lifelong friends with.

It is interesting to learn where many of his students have headed, for example Beatrice Otto who studied with Bill to research and write the highly acclaimed book 'Fools Are Everywhere', published by Chicago University Press.

Certainly my world has been opened up and I say 'many thanks' to those who have assisted to collate and advise me in my quest to pull Bills work together.


I was pointed in the direction of this website "Read Paper Republic" which is potentially a fantastic resource for Chinese short story translations. And possibly an outlet for some of Bill's work.

We at Paper Republic are a collective of literary translators, promoting new Chinese fiction in translation. Our new initiative, Read Paper Republic, is for readers who wonder what new Chinese fiction in English translation has to offer and would like to dip a toe in the water.