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It is good to see that certain volumes of the Chinese Culture Series are flying off the shelves. This certainly helps to spread the word of these amazing works and keep the legacy alive.

Conversely, we are not doing too well with the crowdfunding, the plan being to turn these works into ebooks to sell at lower cost and to allow greater distribution. This plan A will have to undergo considerable rethink.

However, until we come up with a funding plan, our thanks to all those who have purchased books and we hope that you enjoy them.

The modern world dictates that books are readily available as Ebooks. Certainly, researchers prefer this method, not only to reduce the volume of material required but to be able to access pages and references quicker and at lower cost.

We also view the creation of William Dolby's works into ebook format as an essential means to long-term preservation of his legacy, without which his output will be relegated to the dusty corner and slowly but surely forgotten about.

The Scotland-China Association (SCA) has kindly allowed us to redistribute three articles and one translation that William Dolby wrote for their publication, the Sine Magazine, during the years 1972-74.

These can be found here for download only.

They are currently as scanned PDF copies from the original magazines but we do hope to rewrite these when time permits.

The Journal of Asian Studies has informed us that they have on file two books reveiws, the first for the play 'Eight Chinese Plays' by William Dolby and the second a reveiw by William Dolby. Details follow below:

  1. Review
    Review by: William Dolby
    The Journal of Asian Studies 
    Vol. 48, No. 2 (May, 1989) , pp. 363-364
    Published by: Association for Asian Studies