Crowdfunding Progress

(Re-) Publication of the 'Chinese Culture Series'

(7 of 33 Books NOW COMPLETED)


No.4 - Chinese Short Stories - Spanning 2000 Years

No.7 - Ma Chih-yüan's Complete San-ch’ü-aria Poems

No.18 - Chinese Folk Tales

No.27 - Chinese Myths

No.28 - Chinese Allusions - A Dictionary

No.29 - Lasting-life Palace-hall (Hong Sheng) (parts 1 and 2)

No.32 - Chinese Idioms, Proverbs and Sayings - Over 2000 Explanations

Slowly but surely and as we manage to obtain the funds to do so, we are working hard towards (re-) publishing all thirty-three volumes of the 'Chinese Culture Series' and then, potentially, the mainstream publications also.

Our original intention had been to produce digitial copies only; to provide electronic access to this enormous bank of research and translation, however, the take-up of the PDF files produced has been all but non-existent. We have therefore decided to cancel further publication of digital copies in order to concentrate our efforts wholly on print; herein the work is greater but perhaps the demand (interest) will be higher. These  new print versions will now become the fruits of our labors to turn all of Bills work into accessible media, to share his work and to a wider (previously non-existant) audience.

We will maintain the crowd fund campaign at, and your input is always seriously appreciated as we re-enter the Chinese characters and produce files suitable for printing. We aim to continue to grow the necessary funds to convert all of Bill's works and as sufficient funds come in we will do the ground work and then publish another book.

For purchase of the newly published print volumes we are using a print-on-demand service through Createspace which feeds into Amazon and other major online retailers.