(Re-) Publication of the research and translations of William Dolby

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No.4 - Chinese Short Stories - Spanning 2000 Years (Dec 2016)

No.7 - Ma Chih-yüan's Complete San-ch’ü-aria Poems (Jan 2017)

No.10 - Sir Old (Lao-tzu) the Chinese classic of Taoism (May 2019)

No.18 - Chinese Folk Tales (Dec 2016)

No.27 - Chinese Myths (Oct 2015)

No.28 - Chinese Allusions - A Dictionary (Oct 2015)

No.29 - Lasting-life Palace-hall (Hong Sheng) (parts 1 and 2) (Nov 2016)

No.32 - Chinese Idioms, Proverbs and Sayings - Over 2000 Explanations (Jan 2017)

Slowly but surely and as we manage to obtain the funds to do so, we are working hard towards (re-) publishing all thirty-three volumes of the 'Chinese Culture Series' and potentially, the mainstream publications also and will update this page as and when these are completed