Pets, People and other Inventions by William Dolby

- This is an individual self-published volume of poems that Bill wrote over the years, from 1960 until 2015. Titled "Pets, People and other Inventions", Poems written by AWE Dolby

- Compiled in its current edition in 2003

As taken from the book:

These Poems are about all sorts of things,

Pets, inventors, sportsmen and kings,

Cars and bushes and flowers and foods,

Science, Space-jaunts, and mice and moods.

Lots of other things as well,

You’ll learn a lot, I think I’m sure,

Or else you’ll roll your eyes and gasp,

And throw your arms up in the air.

That’s healthy, helps your blood go round,

So delve in, one poem every hour or two;

There’s bags of wisdom to be found,

Or otherwise as the case may be,

And I guarantee you’ll hear and see

Facts that will make you shout,“Phew! Phew!”

And “Jollyho!” and “Pow!”, even “Wow!”

And hopefully not often, “Spew! Spew!”