Poems then and Now by William Dolby

- As a lone publication, in hard-back A4 size, this is an impressive collection of poems written by William Dolby

- The Poems have no-date but would variously stretch from early 1960's and until this editions publication in 2014.

- Self-published in 2014 this large volume covers all-manner of moods and feeling as he traversed his life.

As taken form the back of the book:

These poems come from a long span of time, and look at a wide range of stuff. For this poet, poetry's just another angle of language, one that fosters the varied squeezing out of ideas. The verses in this book look at all manner of topics big and small, snapshots of the moment and for the moment, as well as longer ramblings and more extensive musings. Moths and mammoths, so to speak, and moods and views, thoughts flitting and thoughts ground out, the solid sombre and the frivolling. Enjoy!