Space-wasp by William Dolby

- Space-wasp written by William Dolby is available in this hard-backed A4 edition published in 2014.

- An individual science fiction story.

As taken from the back of the book:

Expelled for ingenious behavior, Jack builds a rocket, the Nurkston Wasp, and, with his bumptious crew of one, plus a grieving gull from a wall, sets off to explore the planets. He gets involved in political and military dust-ups on the moon, temporarily saves a gorgeous Moon girl from a Moon ghoul, nearly gets boiled in gold on Mercury, acquires a dragon jewel and dragon fan on Mars, avoids being thrown from a peak on Venus, encounters a fish-and-chip shop on chondrite, defeats a massive Moon thug, and returns home to bowl out his headmaster and bathe many bigwigs in a murky canal.