Mainstream Publications

by William Dolby

Throughout his career Bill was not one to seek accolade and he therefore only halfheartedly approached publishers with his manuscripts, if at all. He preferred the immersion, the project and the discussion and for the most part those books that he did have published were the direct result of being chased after.

Certainly, Bill could have had many more works published had he spent greater effort promoting his output, but by doing so his efforts would have detracted form what he enjoyed most, the work itself.

Here are his main publications; the well-known 'A History of Chinese Drama' which even after forty years in print is still the best source of its kind, and the translation of Lao She's 'Mr Ma and Son' which he translated in the 1960's but was taken-up by Penguin in 2013.

We are currently working on the matter of copyright with the original publishers to reprint these works here but in the meantime we can only provide second hand-copies of these works.