No33: Anthology of Chinese non-drama aria-poems (VOLUME TWO)

No33: Anthology of Chinese non-drama aria-poems (VOLUME TWO)

- Number thirty three of the Chinese Culture Series is titled "No33: Anthology of Chinese non-drama aria-poems from the 13th and 14th centuries AD (VOLUME TWO)" as translated and annotated by William Dolby

- This work is in two volumes. The first volume is numbered No30 in the Chinese Culture Series.

- The original version was published in the 1980's but this edition comes with greater visual aspect, more footnotes and Chinese-charachter text for each poem.

- This volume was published as a hard-backed A4 sized book in 2013

As taken from the back of the book:

These further translations of ch'ü arias include some of the most vivid and imaginative poems in the long and magnificent Chinese poetic tradition. Humour, jazzy slang, superb elegance, a fusion of apparent boundless freedom and prosaic intricacy, effervescent originality and spontaneity, and many other startling and appealing qualities, present a whole range of rarely seen topics and aspects of Chinese life and literature. Here are emperors and empresses, fishers and harlots, the cosmopolitan and the rustic, the city and the scenic, high ideals and merry mischief galore.