The 'Chinese Culture Series'

by William Dolby

From the early days of his career, from the 1960's onwards and until his passing in early 2015 Bill Dolby immersed himself in numerous translations of the famous Chinese drama's, in the creation of textbooks for students of drama, china and the language and he compiled and worked on a myriad of research projects that defies belief in scope and quantity.

For the most part he did not pursue full-completion of his creations by seeking publishers and readership, preferring instead to start a new project, translation or perhaps an anthology of ch'u aria poems.

However, in early 2002, he finally decided that he should collate his output, and thus he created a list of his numerous works, and began the process of finishing them off, fine-tuning them and adding where necessary footnotes or introductions. He titled these works the Chinese Culture Series and as late as 2014 the number had grown to 33 books as presented here but with many projects still underway, this is by no means the sum of all.

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