No10: Sir Old, the Chinese Classic of Taoism

- Number Ten of the Chinese Culture Series is titled Sir Old, the Chinese Classic of Taoism translated into English by William Dolby.

- The dates of Bill's first translation are currently unknown but the work was re-edited and compiled into this final paper-backed edition in 2003.

As taken from the back cover of the book:

Sir Old (Lao-tzu), also known as Cosmic law and its latent powers (Tao-te ching) is a Chinese book said to have been written in the sixth century BC by a certain Lao Tan, Sir Old, but now thought more probably to come from the third century BC. The main classic of one of the three Doctrines of traditional Chinese philosophy and belief, Taoism, it presents the major alternative and complement to Confucianism, continuing to occupy a position deep in the Chinese psyche. Its philosophy, after pointing out the fundamental mystery that the cosmos poses to human beings, goes on to champion the notion of the strength that can come from softness, non-interference, and other things commonly deemed weak. No quest after mysticism, it strives to its utmost to present subtle ideas with the greatest clarity. A work for the past, present and very much for the future.