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Classical Chinese Translations and Research

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We are a small publisher based in Hawick, Scotland, dealing with the publications, translations and research of the late Dr William Dolby (Bill), Sinologist and researcher, former lecturer and professor of classical Chinese at the University of Edinburgh, and a world renowned expert on Medieval Chinese literature, drama and theatre.

We are actively republishing an immense 50-years-in-the-making collection of translations and research of Classical Chinese: the early poets, playwrights, and authors by William (Bill) Dolby. His work has remained largely inaccessible and our sole aim is to correct that. 

Bill's research is mainly captured in 33 individual works titled the 'Chinese Culture Series'. These volumes along with various articles and mainstream publications are slowly being made available as and when we find the time to edit and publish them. This long term project has been assisted by many kind donations from former students and colleagues of Bill and our immesne thanks go out for their help to preserve this work for future generations to benefit from.


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We are a non-profit organisation.

Our aim is to allow this valuable research to reach as wide an audience as possible, and for others to use in their own studies of the subject.

Over the last few years, we have donated books to universities and institutions around the world. We do not have many of the original publications left but we will continue to donate until none are left.