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22. Chinese Elliptical Idioms (hsieh-hou-yu)


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"Chinese Elliptical Idioms (hsieh-hou-yu)", translated and explained by William Dolby. Undoubtedly translated during the 1960's-80's this work was self-published in this paper-backed edition in 2007. This work represents the 22nd of 33 of the Chinese Culture Series.

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One of the liveliest kinds of idiom in the Chinese Language is the "ellipsis", the hsieh-hou-yu, meaning literally "rest-after-phrase". There are thousands of them, and people are using them more and more. They embody much wit and colour. This small selection will give much enjoyment, and shows some of the ebullient humuor of the Chinese language and people, as well as being a key to an important aspect of the Chinese language and culture.