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24. Washing Silk, a drama by Liang Ch'en-yi (1520-ca.1580)


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"Washing Silk", a drama by Liang Ch'en-yi (1520-ca.1580), translated, annotated and introduced by William Dolby. Most likely originally translated by Bill in the 1960/70's but finally self-published in this edition in 2008. This work represents the 24th of 33 of the Chinese Culture Series.

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Two of the mightiest states of ancient times, in the regions of modern Shanghai and Hangchow cities, clash in war, and the defeated king for years prepares revenge, with astounding tenacity. This is China's greatest drama of vengeance, written around AD 1520, and set in the years around 500 BC. At the same time, it tells the most ancient of China's love romances, between China's most celebrated ever female beauty and a renowned brilliant statesman, canny recluse and nonchalantly successful businessman. The play had an immense musical and dramaturgical influence when it first appeared and increasingly after that.