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2. Bring on the Wine and other Poems by Li Pai

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Translated and collated in this soft-backed book in 2004, this work represents the 2nd of 33 of the Chinese Culture Series.

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A selection of Poems by Li Pai (Li Po, 701-762), translated by William Dolby and collated in this soft-backed book in 2004.

Born in AD 701 in Central Asia, Li Pai, whose name is also found transliterated as Li Bai, Li Bo, Li Po, etc, is China's most famous poet of all times and celebrated the wide world over. Many stories, poems and plays have developed his legend in China and Japan and made him a major and familiar character of literature and drama. A bibulous, swashbuckling, generous personality, he is loved for the freedom that gales through much of his work, and for the ever-surprising freshness of his versification and of his treatment of topics. This small selection of his works includes some of his most well-known pieces, and some never previously translated into English. I taught Li Pai's poems from before 1970 onwards, and published translations of many of the poems during the 1980's and a book of them in 1993, but in this book, I add some new material.