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New Website, new works and progress at

Dear All

We sincerely hope that all are well during these unusual and difficult times.

As you will notice, we have a new website. The last website was getting harder to maintain (software and updated programs making navigation nearly impossible). Lockdown and enforced isolation (without such things like café’s, bars, and gyms to distract us) have allowed my wife and I to concentrate on the website and content with the following achieved:

A new website, which includes a 'Reading Room' section where we will post various works and research undertaken by my father (some unfinished, some with bits missing but valuable none-the-less)

We have worked on three volumes, namely 9. West Wing Chantefable by Tung Chieh-yuan around AD 12008. Wang Shih-fu, Author of China's most famous play and 1. Kuan Han Ching China's first Playwright. We have re-inserted the Chinese characters and will shortly go through a final edit and publish them. We will list them here when finished.

We have notice on Amazon that finding Bill’s works is a confusing process. It appears that so many old volumes, despite being out-of-print appear higher before published works. Why, we do not know. We suggest that you contact us here to see where a volume may be available and if we can assist in anyway to get that volume to you.

Ieuan Dolby and Wu, Chin Ling

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