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Our Research of Further Works by William Dolby

Over the last few days we have attempted to find other work completed by William Dolby. We know of some not-yet-located books that he wrote or translated:

  • 1. Bai Pu: 13th Century Playwright and
  • 2. The Battle of Red Cliff: a Mighty Chinese Conflict, 1984
  • 3. A Full Concurrent Vocabulary of the Yuan Drama Sheng-Jin Ge, 1986
  • 4. Western Writings on Chinese Theatre, 1986
  • 5. Chronological Tables of Chinese History: Pinyin Version, 1985
  • 6. Hsia T'ing-Chih's Green Bower Collection: Ch'ing-Lou Chi, 1988 by T'ing-chih Hsia and William Dolby
  • 7. Chingis-Khan: His Biography in the Official Chinese History By Sung Lien (1310-1381) 1987, by Lien Sung and William Dolby
  • 8. Editions of Kuan Han-Ching's Plays: a Comparative Study, 1986
  • 9. Tang Shi-Poems: Text-Book, 1987
  • 10. The House of Kou-Chien: and Other Chinese Stories, 1985
  • 11. A Date-Dictionary of Chinese Literary Figures, 1987
  • 12. Dictionary of Chinese and Japanese Emperors, Rulers, States and Eras, 1986
  • 13. Pronunciation index to Chinese simplified characters, 1988
  • 14. Chinese Newspaper Pieces: a Text Book With Full Vocabulary & Full-Form Character & Romanised Texts, 1986
  • 15. Ci Poems: a Text Book, 1986
  • 16. Illustrations to Chinese Entertainments, 1986
  • 17. Plays, 1984, by Hanqing Guan and William Dolby
  • 18. Golden Butterflies: a Chinese Ballad of Romance, 1983, by William Dolby
  • 19. Father of Chinese Drama: a Sketch of the Life and Works of Guan Hanquing, 1983
  • 20. Poems of the Tang and Sung, 1983
  • 21. Whistling Free: The Complete Non-dramatic Lyrics of Ma Zhiyuan (1260-1325) (Wellsweep Chinese Poets), 21 Apr 1992, by Zhiyuan Ma and William Dolby
  • 22. Chinese Yuan Dramas, 1983, by William Dolby and Hsing fu Li

Some of the items listed above could be the original editions of certain volumes in his Chinese Culture Series (with different titles). They could also be part of a larger edition of works within the Chinese Culture Series, stretching this above the 33 volumes found so far. However, some of the titles do stand out as individual works which leads us to conclude that we are still missing quite a few translations and research potentials.

Most of the above titles were taken from Amazon lists, leading us to believe that these works were originally lodged at the British Library or other book depository. Therefore, only one copy will exist.

Sometime in the future we will attempt to control these books, to copy them or to find the original work. If anybody does have a view on this e.g. an actual copy, then please do inform us as we attempt to collate Bill's work here.


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