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No29: Lasting-life Palace-hall by Hung Sheng (1654-1704)

At last, a mountain has been climbed. Perhaps it was only a hill but never-the-less we have finally finished editing a further volume. A translation of an immense play:

No29: Lasting-life Palace-hall by Hung Sheng (1654-1704)

The edit of this amazing work has taken some time to complete but despite our limited resources, kids screaming and spare time only, my wife and I have managed to create a single PDF file that contains Bill's full translation, his original introduction and copious footnotes and some further mini-translations and poems that tie into the play's intro.

We note the various English titles used for other trasnslations of this particular play: Bill initially titled his translation "Abiding-life .." rather then "Lasting-life .." . However, we feel that his translation will only add to the choice and scope available and thus we leave the title as he saw fit to work.

Next up? Christmas I say! So we will see in January what volume will be next for us to work. Also, I'm not sure about everyone else but I am still a fan of paper books - contrary to popular belief 'real' books are not about to dissapear from the planet. Therefore, I also intend to turn this latest work in to a Print-on-Demand edition (perhaps two volumes due to it's size) and I will provide an update again when it becomes available (and where).

Have a lovely Christmas.

Ieuan and Chin Ling

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