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Update on Book Donations and out-of-print volumes

This last week has seen a sudden rush of books flying out of the door - donated and now shipped to the university libraries of Washington, Oxford, Edinburgh, Leeds, SOAS and to the RSC. I am beginning to know the courier driver on first name terms.

However, with the donation of books we are starting to see more volumes out-of-print. These are:

No33: Anthology of Chinese non-drama aria-poems (VOLUME TWO)

No30: Chinese non-drama aria-poems, an anthology (VOLUME ONE) 

No28: Chinese Allusions: a short dictionary

No27: Chinese Myths

The pressure is therefore on, to get cracking on the digitisation process - yikes. I am hesitant to put my mind to this immense task, a start that would overtake my own personal projects and for which the money is not there yet.

Lets see. Hopefully, a benevolent benefactor will barge-in at the last moment, one who recognises the importance of preserving these works.

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