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Classical Chinese Translations and Research

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Introducing William Dolby's Mainstream Publications

From the early days of his career, from the 1960's onwards and until his passing in early 2015 William (Bill) Dolby immersed himself in numerous translations of famous Chinese drama and in the creation of textbooks for students of ancient Chinese theatre and poetry. In the process he rsearched historical China and Classical Chinese and he compiled and worked on a myriad of research projects that defies belief in scope and quantity.

For the most part he did not pursue full completion of his creations by seeking publishers and readership, preferring instead to start a new project, translation or perhaps an anthology of ch'u aria poems. However, being pursued by numerous publishers some of his work managed to see the light of day. These include the well renowned 'A History of Chinese Drama' which today remains a major authoritative work on the subject and of course ‘Lao She, Mr Ma and Son’ which was published in 2013.

  • The volumes listed here are no longer published however various second hand copies are available on Amazon from various sellers, inlcuding ex-library copies. We also have a small stock of second hand copies.
  • We have found a revised version of 'A History of Chinese Drama', dated 1997 which we hope to have published in the future.