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6. Sayings of Confucius and his Students

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Self-published in 2004, this work represents the 6th of 33 of the Chinese Culture Series.

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This ancient Chinese book, Sayings of Confucius and his Students, written some two thousand five hundred years ago, has the most profound influence on Far Eastern civilisations, and has also had a profound and far-reaching effect on Western and other cultures and ways of life. The sayings present Confucius's philosophy, not by memory-defying long abstractions, but by pithy and striking summations, sometimes teasingly slight-looking, which direct one securely back to the cogitations and profundity behind them. Here is an all too uncommon common-sense, a ringing championing of the delight of learning, of consideration and affection for others, and of the primacy of kindness. This is a complex, witty and life-loving personality behind the ideas, that of a man who was famed as knowing he couldn't achieve his ideals but never stopped trying.