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16. Three Hundred T'ang Dynasty Poems


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"Three Hundred T'ang Dynasty Poems", translated, commented and annotated by William Dolby is presented in two soft-backed volumes. The original translations of these poems were completed in the 1960's/70's by Bill but brought together with better formatting and notes in this current edition in 2006. This work represents the 16th of 33 of the Chinese Culture Series.

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The T'ang dynsaty (618-907) was a peak of Chinese civilization, and the greatest era of Chinese poetry composition. The most famous and current Chinese anthology of the period has been Three Hundred T'anhg Dynasty Poems, published in the 1760's, a slightly supplement version of which, the earliest extant version, is here translated into English and annotated and explained in the fullest manner so far. It contains many poems that had undoubtedly been most famous during the preceding centuries, and others much less celebrated.

The poets range from the anonymous and socially obscure, the most celebrated of Chinese Poets, high ranking mandarins and courtiers, and indeed an emperor, and also include a singing-girl, Buddhist priest and landscape painter.

Their poems are about art, war, rebellion, travel, seasons, love, parting, palace life, beautiful ladies, immortals, recluses, horses and many other topics. The prestige and influence of the anthology have been immensely widespread and profound.